London (briefly) and Glasgow

Finally, after about 30+ hours awake, we slept last night in Glasgow.  Things did not go as planned in London, as we had very little time between landing late and very long custom’s lines, etc.  So we saw Trafalgar and Picadilly Squares, ate something and then jetted back to the airport.  Yesterday certainly felt like Trains, Planes and Automobiles!  Rested this morning, we are picking up the rental car.  Visited several pubs last night – it’s called a “second wind”, but am unable to post any pictures this morning due to some weird circumstances.  Richard, “the Elder” is looking forward to visiting a scotch distillary here, as we travel the coastline of Scotland, headed to Hadrian’s Wall   He is actually the only one who can drink the stuff – aaach!


3 thoughts on “London (briefly) and Glasgow

  1. I love the latest update. So curious if Richard likes the scotch in Scotland? I’m hoping your picture issue gets resolved. Can’t wait to hear about Hadrian’s Wall. Love the blog…keep writing:)

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